Most questions about can be answered by reading Aether's built-in help which is accessible by selecting "Aether Help" from the Help menu in Aether or on the web at The Aether Blog includes posts about frequently asked support questions, and reading it is a good way to find the solutions to commonly encountered problems.

Many of the support questions I receive are related to the use of Logbook of The World (LoTW) in Aether. I have a series of blog posts that can help clear up many common problems people encounter with LoTW.

There is also a Twitter account for Aether. Following it is a good way to keep up with Aether news. I use it to post word of new releases, calls for help with beta testing, answers to frequent questions, etc. You can view it here (Twitter account not required).

If you need help with Aether, you can contact me for support via email at I do my best to answer quickly, but occasionally there may be a delay due to a high volume of support email. I am unable to provide support via telephone.

Andrew Madsen AC7CF
Open Reel Software